Our over 20 years of experience in the field of professional meteorology allows us to help you find the best solutions for:

Consultancy, site survey and system design

You can count on our experience and knowledge for site survey, design, components supply, integration and configuration of monitoring systems for meteorological, agrometeorological, hydrological and environmental parameters, that offer the best solutions not only in terms of meeting the requirements and overall system performance but also for the best installation, operation and maintenance costs.


Whether you want to monitor the minute parameters of an industrial process or aim to survey an area no matter how large, we will provide you with the most suitable solution to fulfil your needs.


Installation, configuration and system integration

We provide the installation, commissioning and integration of the observation systems, including user training for the entire life cycle of the equipment. Benefiting from our own authorised personnel, we can provide installation works at heights as well as underwater installation, being able to offer turnkey solutions for meteorological, hydrological, urban or industrial systems.


We also design and manufacture the elements needed to integrate the systems and adapt them to the specific requirements of each client and project, such as civil works, metalwork, power supply panels, protection and automation, including electronic assemblies and project-specific sensors.



Maintenance, upgrading and repairs

With a maintenance contract in place we make sure your Vaisala sensor or system is in the best shape whenever you need it. Such a contract covers the entire life cycle of your equipment and includes priority technical assistance, ongoing operational monitoring and more.


Maintenance contracts typically include:

  • Priority technical assistance by e-mail or telephone,
  • Preventive inspection and maintenance at the Vaisala installation site or service center,
  • Fast delivery of spare parts to reduce equipment downtime,
  • If applicable – extended warranty, repair and replacement at the Vaisala service center